First prevention is the key to lower maintenance,

Human excrement (waste) and toilet paper is all that should go down any drain including your disposal.

Everything else including stuff marked “flush-able” should be thrown away or recycled.

When putting something down one of your sinks, flush the line with hot water during and afterward.

Shaving, brushing your teeth, and doing the dishes are all examples of everyday things that will leave a little residue in your drains, and over time cause a stoppage.

Now that you have stoppage what do you do?

Things like Liquid plumber, or Draino can sometimes work if the drain is slow, just remember to tell your plumber you put it in there so he doesn’t get burned.

Acids like sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid should not be used.  They will eat through a clog and pipes, generally causing more damage than its worth.  Acids can and will remove the finish on your fixtures.

Best option is to try a plunger, if that doesn’t work call us. (512) 721-8068

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