It is not always easy to find a plumbing contractor in Austin who can truly live up to your expectations. With the plethora of plumbing companies to choose from, you’ll need to exercise due caution and good judgment to identify a reliable contractor.

An Angie’s List article cites some of the most common tactics (e.g. bait and switch schemes, unnecessary labor costs, the lack of a written fixed estimate, etc.) and the accompanying red signals homeowners should keep an eye out for to distinguish a reliable plumbing contractor from less desirable candidates. The article also suggests about being upfront with one’s queries.

Things You Need to Know Before Employing an Austin Plumbing Contractor

“Start by asking questions — lots of questions. If he wants your business, he shouldn’t mind answering and should be willing to produce his license and business registration on demand.

Too many homeowners worry about being polite instead of to the point: It’s your money, your house and you’re the one who has to live with the results. If a contractor gets offended or angry about your demands for high-quality work and written estimates, he’s a scammer, plain and simple. Know your budget and know your rights.”

In essence, it’s crucial to be well-informed. Find out which plumbing repair and/or maintenance issues you can handle on your own, and know when to call for professional help. In any case, keep in mind that certified Austin plumbing contractors can save you a whole lot of trouble if you don’t have the skills, time, or inclination to repair water heaters, valves, gas lines, sump/grinder pumps, and drainage systems.

However, always proceed with caution regardless of how urgent your plumbing needs may be so you don’t get ripped off. According to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), consumers would do well to avoid contractors without legitimate company addresses, contact details, and valid customer references. In contrast, a reputable contractor would be forthcoming about these details and may include a “Right of Rescission” clause in the contract which allows you to cancel the contract within three days, as permitted by law, for valid reasons.

To ensure the best results, you can opt for an accredited and experienced contractor—such as Pure Plumbing Service, for instance—that offers extensive and appropriately priced Austin plumbing solutions.

(Article Information and Image from 4 common plumbing scams and how to avoid them, Angie’s List, 12 December 2013)

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