Some plumbing problems surface only when they are already at extreme levels. For instance, you may not know that you’ve already got leaky pipes in your bathroom until you see a sudden spike in your utility bill. Thankfully, there are sure signs of a leaky pipe which, if you know what to look for, shouldn’t be that hard to detect.

The city of Austin in Texas, being one of the largest in the United States, naturally has a lot of residential and commercial buildings with plumbing systems that might, at any time, spring a leak. To remedy this, compiled a few tips on how to spot a leaky plumbing system before it’s too late. If you happen to notice the following signs, you might want to forgo DIY plumbing repairs and instead turn to professional plumbers in Austin, TX.

One such sign is the unusual presence of mold and mildew on non-shower walls and corners that doesn’t seem to diminish no matter how much you attempt to keep all bathroom surfaces clean. These organisms typically thrive in moist and dark areas where there isn’t enough sunlight to reach them. Mold and mildew typically gather around faucets and shower heads; however, a leaking pipe hidden behind the wall may cause fungal growth in areas far away from these water outlets. This problem will consequently require professional plumbing repairs.

Cracks and damaged paint on your walls may also turn out to be a dead giveaway. When moisture manages to get within the walls, the paint’s adhesive bond begins to come off, thus separating the two layers and causing the paint to crack or bubble. Likewise, any wall that develops excess staining or warping for no apparent reason may serve as an indication of a serious plumbing issue.

Yet another telltale sign involves inexplicable odors emanating from hidden leaks. To address such concerns, try cleaning up your entire bathroom or kitchen sink, particularly focusing on the area where the foul smells are strongest. If the odors still linger, it might be time to call in a professional Austin plumber.

Plumbing contractor companies like Pure Plumbing Service can deploy qualified and dependable contractors who can get to the root of the problem and carry out the necessary repairs in as little time as possible. Additionally, these professionals are quite thorough and will do everything necessary to avoid leaving a mess in your home. With such professional services, you can rest assured that your home will be odor and damage-free in no time.

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