reports on June 23 that a local church group in Harris County helped an elderly couple by repairing their dilapidated house that’s seen better days. The couple has been living in their home for years but because both are sick—the woman has heart problems and the man has dementia—they aren’t capable of fixing it.

All houses, whether they’re located in Texas or any state, require periodic maintenance and checking to keep them in A-1 condition. Without these, any house will deteriorate fast until it becomes a full-blown and expensive renovation project. Common house problems are a defective HVAC system, faulty roofing system, and damaged plumbing system. Professional plumbers from Austin, TX like Pure Plumbing Service can repair plumbing problems fast and efficiently.

Ron Booker, a volunteer from the group, said that the house has no hot water and air-conditioning, and has defective faucets, clogged toilets, a mold-filled ceiling, and missing wallboards; the grass has grown very high, and snakes and rats are in the thickets. He said that their primary motive in helping the couple is to honor God, who’s been good to them, by paying it forward. The volunteers admit that there are still more to fix in the house, and are hoping they can complete the other necessary repairs soon.

The group has also removed plumbing fixtures and installed new ones. This is a big job which plumbers and plumbing contractors can do best, especially since plumbing is most often related to sewage and drainage which, when left unfixed, can wreak havoc in a house. Licensed plumbers are knowledgeable on all plumbing problems and can, thus, easily identify and solve them.

However, proper use is a must for homeowners; for example, it’s important not to throw diapers, sanitary napkins, or too much toilet paper into the toilet bowl to avoid clogging it. Regular cleaning is also important, to clear the pipes of grime and grease. A simple way to know if your toilet is in need of maintenance check is when water rises up the bowl, and takes too much time to settle in the waterline when its flushed.

Since the old couple are no longer capable of properly checking their plumbing system, it may be most helpful if volunteers call in plumbers to regularly check these and do the upkeep. Professional Austin plumbers, or even those within Harris County, will do well in addressing all plumbing concerns. Reaching out to people in need is a rare occurrence these days, and the couple is just lucky that there are kind-hearted souls in their neighborhood who care enough to make their home a liveable place again.

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