There is no better place to experience a big game than at the stadium, no matter what sport it is. Being part of the game is one of the most enjoyable experiences sports fans can encounter during tournament season. The thrill of the plays, the heart-stopping excitement, the united community, and the feeling of tens of thousands of spectators standing and cheering as one are enough to put one in high spirits.

more plumbing problems at as park

To accommodate such huge enthusiastic crowds during several playoffs, stadium property managers need to ensure that their facilities are well-maintained. Any signs of neglect can make people, both spectators and players, uncomfortable with less than appealing stadium conditions, as documented from this ESPN article published last March 29, 2014:

“Coaches from the Oakland Athletics were sent scrambling after toilets in the home clubhouse backed up and overflowed before Saturday’s exhibition game against the San Francisco Giants.

It was the latest in a series of plumbing problems that have plagued the aging stadium, which was built in the late 1960s.

There were multiple problems last year alone.

In September, A’s players reported foul smells from the bathroom end of their dugout. That came after a clogged pipe caused a sewage backup and flooding on the bottom floor of the ballpark in June, sending the Seattle Mariners and A’s scrambling around in towels and heading for higher ground in the Oakland Raiders’ locker room.”

As universal as sports, the plumbing issues faced by the Oakland Athletics’ ball park stadium serve as a great example for plumbers in Austin, TX, as well as property managers, to tune up plumbing systems. Problems like sewage flooding, clogged pipes and toilet leaks are completely preventable because they often reveal clues before they escalate into something bigger. Disregarding even the simplest signs of plumbing trouble can cause interruption and annoyance on both the sports fans and the players who are there to enjoy the games.

Whether it’s the Darrell K Royal – Texas Memorial Stadium or a commercial building, property managers should continuously find ways to make things better for the people. They should always consider the comfort of the people at all times and call on competent Austin plumbers, like those from Pure Plumbing Service, to inspect several plumbing structures and determine its conditions. They can rely on fully licensed plumbing professionals to promptly assess each fixture’s situation, and to recommend whether to repair or replace any components to avoid potential water and sewage damages in the property.

(Source: More plumbing problems at A’s park, ESPN, 29 March 2014)

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