While aesthetics is a primary factor to consider when building a home, it must go hand in hand with safety. The structure must be well-insulated and sturdy enough to protect its occupants from the elements and from intrusion. Furthermore, its plumbing system must be properly installed to guarantee maximum sanitation. Correct inflow and outflow of water through pipes and fixtures is crucial in maintaining a healthy environment in a home.

plumbing codes

Installing a plumbing system is easier said than done. Like other installation projects, it requires accuracy and precision–from material selection to design and installation–to ensure safety. Additionally, because of the critical role plumbing plays in the safety and health of households, a set of codes, called the Uniform Plumbing Code, has been formulated by the national government, providing standards every American home should comply with.

In addition to this, local codes set up by local governments also need to be followed. Often these are more stringent than their national counterpart. While there could be differences in requirements for every locality, there are some common features that professional plumbers in Austin, TX and in other parts of the country follow.

An article in DIYAdvice lists down some of these features:

– Fixtures must not be placed too close together. This is critical in a bathroom, where space may be at a premium.
– Determine the correct pipe sizes for drains, vents, and supply lines.
– Determine the correct pipe materials. Most inspectors will accept rigid copper pipe for supply lines and PVC for drain lines.

Given the accuracy needed in the selection of plumbing materials as well as in the installation of the entire plumbing system, the job is best left in the hands of the professionals. They not only work faster and more accurately; they can also design a plumbing system with careful consideration of the water source and climate in your area, the closest sewer main, the size of your house, and other crucial elements.

The vast experience of skilled Austin plumbers, like those from Pure Plumbing Service, in installing different plumbing systems make their workmanship superior. Licensed plumbers are also constantly updated on any code changes that need to be followed.

Unless you have all the time, tools, skills, and equipment to install a plumbing system that is in compliance with both national and local codes, it is best to call on the professionals to do the job.

(Source: Plumbing Codes, DIYAdvice.com)

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