The recent drought in Texas as well as other parts of the western United States sent a clear message that water, like other natural resources, is not infinite. This generation cannot afford to waste the country’s natural wealth if the next generation is to survive. In its website article, Austin Water Utility shares tips on how to conserve water in everyday indoor and outdoor life.

Save Water


As the room in the house that arguably utilizes water the most, much can be done to save water here. All plumbing fixtures should be checked for leaks and repaired, no matter how tiny because these could become bigger leaks that could lead to bigger problems. For this, call on plumbers in Austin, TX like those from Pure Plumbing Service because they can do the job right.

“Fix leaky or running toilets and dripping faucets promptly. Plumbing leaks as a whole account for 14 percent of water consumed in the home, according to a study sponsored by the American Water Works Association.”

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t be using the toilet as a wastebasket to prevent clogging and overflows. Taking shorter showers or using less water in the tub will definitely help, too. Lastly, you should turn off the water while shaving, brushing your teeth, shampooing, or lathering.


Just like in the bathroom, you shouldn’t leave the tap running when washing dishes, vegetables, or thawing out frozen meat. It’s more practical to do all these in a basin, then use the runoff water on your garden and house plants. If you use a dishwasher, run it only for full loads. Dishwashers actually use less water than hand washing does.


Instead of a hose, use a broom to clean your porch or driveway. Have your vehicle cleaned in a car wash that recycles water instead of washing it yourself. Watering your lawn in the early morning actually saves more water than doing it at mid-day.

“Water your lawn during the early morning hours when temperatures and wind speed are the lowest to reduce evaporation and waste.

Don’t over-water your plants. Learn how much water they need and how best to apply the right amount.”

Pools and Fountains

If you can’t get rid of these water features altogether, it’s advisable to have a fountain that re-circulates water. Lastly, cover your pool to prevent evaporation and to keep it clean to minimize frequent cleaning.

A skilled Austin plumber will tell that in areas that get hit hard by drought, an ounce of prevention will be better than a pound of cure. Listen to what they have to say because you and your household’s future may depend on it.

(Article Excerpt and Image from SIMPLE WAYS TO SAVE WATER,

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