Residents from Central Texas were advised to conserve and use water sensibly because of the drought that continues to plague the area, according to an article published on June 25 in Texas Water News online. Lakes Travis and Buchanan are greatly affected by this drought and are both experiencing record-low levels. The lakes are expected to be filled once again only if there will be heavy rainfall that would last for several days.

Texas is experiencing drought for an extended period, which has resulted in the cutoff of water supply from Highland Lakes to downstream farmers. Following this development, municipal and industrial customers have been advised to conserve water. Should there be any problems in their pipes, Austin plumbing professionals like those from Pure Plumbing Service can fix pipe leaks, and repair or replace leaking faucets to avoid wasting water. Locals are also required to follow the water limit set by local water providers to this end.

Lakes Travis and Buchanan were built to collect and store water during the rainy season so that it will be available when drought sets in. Though water levels in these lakes have started to drop, the current volume can still supply the water needs of residents in the area; however, Texans have to find alternative sources to replenish the water the lakes have rationed. Recently, the Lower Colorado River Authority was given a permit to pump up to 10,000 acre-feet of water from wells in the Bastrop County for every year that there’s a drought; a new off-channel reservoir is also being built to add to the water supply in the region.

Drought has greatly affected Central Texas but the measures that the state has enacted will benefit the residents and Mother Nature as well. Make sure you only water your lawn and wash your car on mandated days to help save water. Homeowners can also check their electronic water meters to detect leaks and to know how much water they consume so they can manage its use.

Unknown to many, the very dry condition of the soil during a drought can cause pipes to crack. When this happens, water leaks follow, which can easily spread to your house and garden. To avoid this, consider a dual plumbing system so you can reuse water from sinks, showers, and laundry to flush the toilet and to saturate your parched soil.

Water is an important resource that cannot be created, so every effort must be made to conserve it. Do not insist on a DIY when fixing damaged pipes or leaking faucets, or when you want to move water lines. Call in only experts on plumbing in Austin for any plumbing problems, because these take skill and knowledge that they can provide.

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