In the service industry, the proper skills and qualifications set a true professional apart from the rest, and no professional could earn the latter without the former. That in mind, while capable Austin plumbing contractors are as fairly widespread as their counterparts in other cities, only a few of them measure up to professional standards the way companies like Pure Plumbing Service do. Contributor Jeffrey Joyner writes about what it takes to be a great (and not just good) plumber in his article at

Skills to be a Plumber

You’re flexi and you know it

A great plumber is physically fit enough to work in tight spaces with an assortment of tools, for long hours if needed. Also, they should be good with their hands since the job entails fiddling with small objects and fittings.

“Occasionally, a plumber may need to work in a prone position or in cramped spaces, so the ability to do so while maintaining coordination between multiple limbs is important. Plumbers frequently need to climb, lift heavy items and work in extreme temperatures, and they therefore need the physical fitness to perform such tasks.”

A good head on your shoulders

Plumbing entails a lot of science and mathematics, not merely speculation and intuition. These are learned mostly in trade school or on the job from peers. The bottom line is that a great plumber needs to be educated and have the willingness to learn, since new trade techniques are being developed or improved regularly.

“Because plumbers are often required to make precise measurements, they should have a grasp of basic mathematics; a knowledge of geometry and algebra is also helpful … Knowing what tools, machines and methods are best for each situation means learning certain mechanical basics…”

People skills

Lastly, a great plumber knows when to talk and when to listen to their customers. They should know how to assess a problem, formulate a solution, and execute it with little or no supervision.
Most importantly, they need to be patient; not just with the work but with people they deal with on a job-to-job basis.

If the Austin plumbing professional you’re dealing with has the above qualities (and more), go ahead and give them the task, recommend them to your friends, and watch them do a great job.

(Article Excerpt and Image from What Skills Do You Need to Be a Plumber?

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