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Pure Plumbing Service is professionally trained company of Austin plumbers who specialize in all aspects of the plumbing industry. You can depend on us for excellent service, satisfactory customer service on any residential installation, re-piping, design/build commercial, and remodel needs that you may have of an Austin plumber.

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Expertise and professionalism you can depend on. Pure Plumbing Service provides you as our customer with the greatest quality and service. It doesn’t matter what the job is, commercial or residential buildings. We service and repair, and remodel either one. We will be there in a timely manner and you can depend on us as your Austin plumber to have it done accurately, no need to come back a second time.

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It is not always easy to find a plumbing contractor in Austin who can truly live up to your expectations. With the plethora of plumbing companies to choose from, you’ll need to exercise due caution and good judgment to identify a reliable contractor. An Angie’s List article cites some of the mos

Buying an old home in Austin, TX offers certain advantages, particularly to buyers who are looking for abodes that have endured decades of climate change and community developments. Aside from their vintage appeal, some old homes are found within good communities, which makes them rather desirable f

Your home’s plumbing system basically performs two functions: it delivers potable water, and it takes away waste or ‘foul’ water for your safety. To avoid mixing up these two functions, plumbing systems are designed so that potable water runs in only one direction and avoids passin

Some plumbing problems surface only when they are already at extreme levels. For instance, you may not know that you’ve already got leaky pipes in your bathroom until you see a sudden spike in your utility bill. Thankfully, there are sure signs of a leaky pipe which, if you know what to look f

Residents from Central Texas were advised to conserve and use water sensibly because of the drought that continues to plague the area, according to an article published on June 25 in Texas Water News online. Lakes Travis and Buchanan are greatly affected by this drought and are both experiencing rec

ABC13.com reports on June 23 that a local church group in Harris County helped an elderly couple by repairing their dilapidated house that’s seen better days. The couple has been living in their home for years but because both are sick—the woman has heart problems and the man has dementia—

Austin, Texas (June 4, 2013) – Pure Plumbing Service is offering different discounts to new and returning customers. The team of expert plumbers in Austin, TX is giving first-time customers a 15% discount, which at most equates to $50 off. In turn, they promise to give customers who have previousl

Austin.CultureMap.com recently featured the article of KVUE News writer Ashley Goudeau where she cited the efforts of a home improvement retailer and a water conservation coalition to educate residents of Austin, Texas on the ways to save water. By spearheading workshops for the residents, these two

We acknowledge that when looking for say plumbers Austin Tx to come out to your home or business to deal with your plumbing issues does not mean that you cannot handle some plumbing situations yourself. The fact of the matter is that there are things you can handle. We at Pure Plumbing Service are h

First prevention is the key to lower maintenance, Human excrement (waste) and toilet paper is all that should go down any drain including your disposal. Everything else including stuff marked “flush-able” should be thrown away or recycled. When putting something down one of your sinks, f

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