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Pure Plumbing Service is professionally trained company of Austin plumbers who specialize in all aspects of the plumbing industry. You can depend on us for excellent service, satisfactory customer service on any residential installation, re-piping, design/build commercial, and remodel needs that you may have of an Austin plumber.

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Expertise and professionalism you can depend on. Pure Plumbing Service provides you as our customer with the greatest quality and service. It doesn’t matter what the job is, commercial or residential buildings. We service and repair, and remodel either one. We will be there in a timely manner and you can depend on us as your Austin plumber to have it done accurately, no need to come back a second time.

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Just because the water flowing out of your faucet is clear doesn’t mean it’s safe for drinking or washing. Toxic chemicals, such as lead, mercury, and arsenic may have been mixed in your tap water through a broken or deteriorating pipeline. In small amounts, they may not increase the water’s t

While aesthetics is a primary factor to consider when building a home, it must go hand in hand with safety. The structure must be well-insulated and sturdy enough to protect its occupants from the elements and from intrusion. Furthermore, its plumbing system must be properly installed to guarantee m

In the service industry, the proper skills and qualifications set a true professional apart from the rest, and no professional could earn the latter without the former. That in mind, while capable Austin plumbing contractors are as fairly widespread as their counterparts in other cities, only a few

The recent drought in Texas as well as other parts of the western United States sent a clear message that water, like other natural resources, is not infinite. This generation cannot afford to waste the country’s natural wealth if the next generation is to survive. In its website article, Austin W

Much of southern United States has been locked in a state of drought since 2012. In Texas, where a large portion of the land is arid and dry, state water resources are being stretched thin, and several large reservoirs and lakes are at risk of completely disappearing.

The current drought gripping much of southern United States doesn’t seem like it will be letting up any time soon. This was according to a recent article on the Austin Post, and as KVUE ABC reports, many lakes feeding the state’s water systems have reached critically low levels.

Copper theft continues to annoy residents and business owners alike, costing thousands in replacement pipes and damaged plumbing, among others. This is why the capture of a thief, allegedly responsible for a string of copper thefts, was a rather big story for East Bridgewater, MA. Joseph Markman of

According to the latest report from Pew, 1.6 million Americans lack indoor plumbing. This leads one to ask: do they lack toilets, pipes, or sinks? The latest American Community Survey, according to Christopher Ingraham of the Washington Post, counted nearly 630,000 households from Maine to Californi

Spring is almost here! Most schools are going on break and it’s the perfect time for bonding with your family. A vacation requires preparation, including picking your travel dates, reserving your accommodations and looking for activities that you and your family will enjoy. Moreover, it also i

There is no better place to experience a big game than at the stadium, no matter what sport it is. Being part of the game is one of the most enjoyable experiences sports fans can encounter during tournament season. The thrill of the plays, the heart-stopping excitement, the united community, and the

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